FLY Educational Resources

The aim of FLY Educational Resources is to develop an Educational Pathway, a package of free for use and distribution material with the goal of promoting Financial Literacy amongst immigrant women.

It will include three main results:

ADesk Research

including national research on the current circumstances in each partner country regarding Financial Literacy for Immigrant Women

A Needs Analysis Report

based on qualitative research data to map the needs of the target group in each partner country

A Curriculum & Competences Framework

with customized activities

FLY Digital Toolkit

An Open Education Resource (OER) including an e-Learning platform will be created, as a learning tool within the framework of FLY project for the purpose of sharing information and training resources.

Moreover, a virtual training classroom for conducting synchronous e-Learning programs will conduct extremely successful online lessons, Exemplary Training Lectures based on the innovative methodology of Design Thinking.